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How to use MADE EASY GATE Rank Predictor?

To check rank and score, student must click on the "Check Now" button of this page and then the student will have to select branch and then paste the responses in the box and finally press generate rank button.

For which engineering branch MADE EASY GATE rank predictor is available?

MADE EASY GATE Rank Predictor is available for Civil, Mechanical, Electrical, Electronics, Production and Industrial, Instrumentation, Computer Science and Chemical branches.

How will my marks be calculated before the release of GATE answer keys?

The esteemed faculties of MADE EASY will solve the paper and will provide answer key and solutions and based on this a student's response sheet will be evaluated to generate score, rank, normalised marks.

How is the qualifying cut off marks decided in this GATE Rank Predictor ?

Depending on the exam paper and analysing previous years' cut off we have decided cut off marks of each branch.

What is the difference between rank in my set and overall rank ?

This is applicable to all those branches which had more than one exam time slot . When the rank is calculated by the rank predictor then rank in your set is showcasing your rank amongst the students of that particular set and overall rank shows your stand when the scores are normalised and combined result of all the sets are taken into account.

What is the guarantee that my GATE rank will be same to this calculated rank by GATE Rank Predictor?

The result generated by rank predictor is the expected result based on number of students who checked their response sheet; we have tried our best to provide you with the closest rank however there may be slight variations in the actual result.

How is normalisation of marks done in the branches where there was more than one slot of GATE exam?

MADE EASY GATE Rank Predictor uses same normalisation formula as given by IIT in their information brochure. We have incorporated an algorithm which calculates students' marks and then normalises it. Both marks i.e. actual marks and normalised marks will be displayed on student's account page.

Why is my rank changing each time when I am checking ?

The platform gives you a real-time analysis of your All India Rank (AIR) and GATE score which keeps getting updated as the number of students using this predictor increases.So we advise students to check their ranks again after a certain time interval to know their current and updated rank.